Professional Printing in Grain Valley, MO

For all your printing needs come and see K & L Printing. We provide services for companies and individuals all over the greater Kansas City area.

Profesional Printing Services

At K & L Printing, we make sure the to take care of our clients both new and existing. Our knowledgable and friendly staff is ready to assist you every step of the way. When you walk in the door at K & L Printing you become part of the printing family!

Yard Sign Printing

When choosing your yard signs, it is essential to select a design that best represents your business or campaign. K&L Printing can help you every step of the way

Postcard Printing

Our print shop is capable of bringing your postcards to life with vivid pictures reproduced on high-quality paper for a product you will be proud to send to customers and clients

Banner Printing

High quality professional printed banners for your personal or business needs. Let K&L Printing bring your design to life with vibrant colors and sharp graphics that stand out

Professional Yard Sign Printing

Custom Design

We can assist you in creating your one of a kind sign while ensuring it meets the needs of your situation. We know a thing or two when it comes to printing signs and our expert techs can guide you along the way and answer any questions you may have.

Easy Installation

These signs can easily be installed on lawns, street corners, or grassy venues, providing high visibility to potential customers or clients. Plus, yard signs are exceptionally durable and will typically stand up to most weather conditions. This allows you to leave the sign outside for long periods of time, maximizing its effectiveness for your business.

High Quality Prints

We always ensure our equipment is operating at its best so we can provide you with the highest quality print possible. It goes without saying that the most important aspect of a printing business is the quality of the printed products themselves. Images, text, and colors that stand out are just some of the reasons our prints stand above the rest.

Prominent Banner Printing

Prints That Stand Out

In order for a printed banner to succeed it has to stand out with sharp lines and stand out colors. K&L Printing has all of the equipment needed to ensure your banner stands out from all the others.

Durable Materials

We believe the materials and equipment you use make all the difference. In order to ensure a lasting product you have to use durable papers with printing techniques that can withstand in door as well as outdoor settings.

Engaging Postcard Printing

stamps, letters, mail-1712530.jpg

For Your Business

One great way to reach out to your clients is to send them custom postcards to promote your business or give thanks to those who have used you. K & L Printing can help ensure that each and everyone of those cards is sharp and engaging.

For Personal

Being able to reach friends and loved ones who are far away can be tough but one way you can help them know you are thinking of them is with a postcard. Stop by K & L and let us help you reach out to the ones you care about.

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